Is it hard for you to find the courage to talk to people in Somali?

I'll share everything I've learnt so you can get on the quickest and most direct route to help you sound clearer, more natural, more confident and more relaxed when you’re speaking Somali.

Speak Somali Like A Native



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Do you drift in and out of Somali lessons and course books? And go away feeling unprepared to speak?

Are you a confident Somali speaker? If the answer is no, it may be because as a child your parents didn’t speak to you in Somali. You can’t change the past. But, you can change your present and your future!

Are you scared of making mistakes and looking stupid when you speak Somali?

Is it hard for you to find the courage to talk to people in Somali?

This free minicourse gives busy Somali language learners an introduction to speaking Somali clearly and confidently, to improve their listening skills, and their oral reading ability by learning natural Somali expression, rhythm, and intonation.

Firstly, the minicourse will help you step away from the meaning of Somali words and just experience the language in a musical way. Just like music, each language has a rhythm and a melody. The speed and stress make the rhythm and the intonation makes the melody.

Secondly, it requires you to put your pen down, and to put away your course books and your Somali-English dictionaries so you can focus on listening and speaking. It will help you to train your mouth and tongue muscles which will contribute to finding your native Somali voice quality. And, as a result, you’ll reduce your pronunciation and accent problems.

Frequently asked questions

If you know the Somali alphabet you’ll benefit from this course. And if you don’t know it, because it’s written in Latin, it can be learnt in an hour. 

Not at all. But as with anything in life, you only get out of it what you put in. This course will get you listening to and speaking in Somali from the get go.

And, you don’t need a pen, notepad, course books, or Somali-English dictionaries. The course is delivered via audio and video and can be streamed on any of your devices from wherever you are.

The minicourse starts now – you get immediate access to all the online training. You can move through the minicourse as you’d like, choosing when you want to start, finish, rewind or skip ahead, and re-watch whenever you need a refresher

You have 6 months access to stream and devour this content on any and all of the devices you own.

In the internet age you can learn basically whatever you fancy online and for free. But that’s not the point of online courses. Online courses are a shortcut to an outcome. It took me many years of failed attempts trying different things before I found the solution. 

You are here because you believe that you deserve to speak Somali more clearly and more confidently than you do today. But, it’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming without the shortcuts we know.

Learn just 3 skills which I will teach you and you won’t have to waste years trying to do this on your own.

And forget the limited availability of Somali language teachers, Somali language learning textbooks and online resources, this is what you need. 

Most course books are geared towards super motivated learners. Unless you are really motivated to complete a course book or online course, a possible reason why you may fail to complete them might be because you find them boring.

Some language courses require you to spend hours memorising grammar rules and conjugation tables. Personally, I love studying language courses because I’m an incredibly motivated student. I’ve spent hundreds of hours memorising Somali grammar rules and conjugation tables. But, some students find this boring and just want to get out there, interact, speak, and grow their confidence.

Some students complain that language courses don’t give them a way to practice their speaking and listening skills. So what happens? They tend to get bored with the material. Why? Because deep down, they know that they won’t use most of what they’re learning, and it kills their motivation.

This minicourse is different to traditional courses because it introduces busy Somali language learners to speaking Somali clearly and confidently, to improve their listening skills, and their oral reading ability by learning natural Somali expression, rhythm, and intonation.


Mohammed Nur (MSc, BSc, TEFL)

Somali Language Lab

Hi! I’m Mohammed.

I’m a qualified professional language teacher and the Founder of Somali Language Lab. I’ve taught English for over 15 years in schools and universities offline and online. And, I also teach Somali online to countless students from the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Hungary, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

I specialise in helping busy Somali language learners to speak Somali using correct pronunciation, rhythm, and word stress so they can conquer their fear of speaking Somali and communicate with courage.

I develop online resources  to help you reach fluency quicker and also to improve the other important aspects of Somali communication. I want to help you feel comfortable speaking Somali, so that you can relax and be the confident Somali speaker you always wished you were.